Sports Premium Funding

Sports Premium Strategy 2016-17

We have received additional funding as part of the £150 million given to schools for Physical Education (PE) and sport.

Manor Hill this year (16/17) have been allocated £3460.This money is for us to improve the quality and breadth of PE and sport provision.

We have decided to develop our program of Sports Coaching to enable children to access a variety of sports to develop skills and confidence.  Alongside these formal sessions we are drawing on the coaching experiences to enhance the PE lessons delivered by class teachers to provide a broad and balanced range of activities to suit all abilities.

In addition this year:

  • 32% of pupils have attended extra-curricular sports activities.
  • Additional playground equipment to encourage sports based play has been purchased.
  • Funding was used to support the cost of transport to allow 28% of pupils to attend Multi School Competitions this year.
  • 10% of pupils participated in the ‘School’s Gotta Dance’ event at the Stafford Gatehouse Theatre.
  • 16% of pupils attended a visit to a climbing centre to experience a new sport.

Sports Premium Strategy 2017-18

We aim to continue to improve the quality and breadth of PE provision at Manor Hill in 2017-18 by:

  • Engaging with a new sports provider Time4Sport. Specialist training for different sports will be offered to staff as part of their Continuing Professional Development. All pupils will benefit from working with coaches for at least 1.5 hrs per week on an agreed programme of Sports.
  • Expanding the extra-curricular offer to enable 100% of pupils to access a sporting club. 4 after school sports sessions, 3 lunchtime sports clubs and 1 healthy living breakfast club will be available from September 2017 to ensure capacity for all pupils to access a club.
  • Purchasing sports equipment to provide pre-school activities known as ‘Sports Starters’ for children to engage with on their way into school and during the ‘Active Hour’ during which the whole school will engage with a sport of their choice.
  • Supporting transport to Multi School competitions and events.
  • Introducing weekly swimming to the Y4 timetable to ensure maximum progress towards national expectations.


We will continue to review this strategy to ensure impact throughout the school year.