We aim to continue to improve the quality and breadth of PE provision at Manor Hill in 2019-20 by:

Sports Premium Action Plan 2021-2022 (2)

Physical Education Skills Progression Map 21-22

PE Activity Map

Sports Premium Action Plan 20-21 (1)

Sports Premium Action Plan 19-20 (1)

We will continue to review this strategy to ensure impact throughout the school year.

During 20-21 we~:

  • Continued to engage with specialist providers for sports to provide support during the periods of remote learning due to Covid19.
  • Purchased  sports equipment for use during active sessions within bubbles as whole school interactions were not permitted.
  • Reintroduced weekly swimming to the Y4 timetable to ensure maximum progress towards national expectations following a period of swimming pool closures.
  • Found virtual ways to encourage sports participation, including the use of Google Classroom to set and review sporting tasks.
  • Provided information to parents about how to maintain and encourage healthy lifestyles during periods of National Lockdown.