Come as you are, leave as a champion

Manor Hill is a creative and imaginative place of learning. Our core values underpin all that we do and we aim to enable every pupil to achieve their potential and to make a positive difference.

Our Core Values


We are stronger together.

Through positive communication, problem solving and consideration we work together to learn, create and achieve.


To inspire and to be inspired.

We celebrate imagination and individuality. We problem solve, make connections and experiment with our ideas to ignite a love of learning.


Being determined to achieve.

We develop our resilience through risk taking, learning to overcome barriers, valuing all we do and learning from our mistakes. We are life long learners.


Discovering our world.

We are curious and confident learners who observe, examine, appreciate and celebrate the world we live in.

British Values

Alongside our bespoke values we incorporate British Values into our curriculum and expectations. 

Individual Liberty

  • Freedom of speech for all
  • The right to make your own choices

The Rule of Law

  • Understanding rules and why they are important
  • Following rules to develop order


  • Making decisions together
  • The right to an opinion/voice


  • Learning about different faiths and cultures
  • Listen to other viewpoints
  • Learning about diversity

Mutual Respect

  • Treating others as you want to be treated
  • Respect for each other
  • Working together