Manor Hill Curriculum

At Manor Hill we have written our bespoke curriculum to meet the needs of our vibrant and inquisitive pupils.

We value experiences for pupils and believe that experiential learning is meaningful and therefore more likely to remain with our pupils. To this end we incorporate as many trips, practical activities and visitors into our learning as possible. Each unit begins with a WOW!

In order to engage pupils immediately in their learning and following this we immerse pupils in a knowledge and skills rich programme of learning.

Our curriculum has been carefully designed in order that it is cohesive and progressive throughout the school. To ensure that pupils have the opportunity to revisit and build upon prior knowledge we employ the ‘Champion Learning’ pedagogy. This ensures that learners are inspired to learn and have the skills and desire to learn for life.

Champion Learning Pedagogy

• Daily Review
• Small Steps
• Questioning
• Modelling
• Guided Pupil Practice

• Check Understanding
• High Success Rate
• Scaffolding
• Independent Practice
• Weekly/ Monthly Review