Early Years Foundation Stage


At Manor Hill we intend to provide all  children with a concept led, knowledge rich curriculum that has no limits or barriers to their achievements, regardless of their background, circumstances and needs.

Children are highly motivated and eager to join in due to the creative, engaging curriculum we have to offer.  Children demonstrate the characteristics of effective learning throughout all areas.

The curriculum is designed to provide all children with the knowledge, self-belief and the cultural capital they need to succeed in the rest of their school journey and beyond. It is planned progressively with themes being built upon throughout the 3 EYFS classes, enabling the children to build upon what they know, what they remember long term, what they have been taught and what they can do in order to deepen their understanding.

The curriculum is rich in language and vocabulary, role-modelled by staff, to ensure children are able to communicate effectively. Teaching of communication and early reading is at the heart of the curriculum to ensure the foundations for future learning are met.

A systematic, synthetic phonics approach is in place, ensuring that all children learn to read words and simple sentences accurately by the end of reception, with their reading books linking to the sounds they know.


Staff create an environment that is nurturing and safe and supports the intent of an ambitious, coherently planned, sequenced curriculum.  All resources are chosen to meet all children’s needs and to promote learning.

Staff are knowledgeable about the areas of learning they teach and ways in which to cross – curricular the learning. They ensure learning is purposeful for the children and has meaning for all.

Staff present information clearly to the children.  They allow children to discuss and explore what is being taught by providing them with opportunities to do so.  Staff check children’s understanding by communicating with them effectively, making sure to address misconceptions and provide them with clear explanations of how to improve their learning.

All staff ensure they adapt their teaching as necessary. When staff read to children, they read in a way that excites and engages them.  They use books to introduce new ideas, concepts and vocabulary.

Staff are expert in teaching a systematic, synthetic phonics programme and ensure that children practise their reading books that match their phonic knowledge. Parents are regularly updated on their child’s learning and progress through on online profile which allows parent feedback and contributions, and through regular interactions with staff.


Children develop a thirst for learning.  They have a detailed knowledge and skills across all seven areas of learning in age appropriate ways.  They develop and demonstrate positive attitudes to their learning through high levels of curiosity, concentration, resilience and enjoyment.  They take pride in their work and recognise their achievements.

Children develop their vocabulary and use it effectively across the EYFS curriculum.  They enjoy and listen attentively and respond with comprehension to familiar stories, rhymes and songs that are appropriate to their age and stage of development.

By the end of reception, most children will achieve the early learning goals and will be ready to transition into Key Stage 1 as independent, resilient learners, with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed.

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