Curriculum Content

During the periods of lockdown in  2020-2021 it was necessary to transition pupils to Remote Learning in light of COVID19. The information provided below shows the strategy used for this. 

From September 2021 Google Classroom will be utilised to support home learning which compliments our in school curriculum and gives pupils the opportunity to consolidate the skills and knowledge further.

Please see our Remote Learning Strategy below:

If you require any support with home learning teaching staff will respond to emails during school hours. Please contact the relevant teacher on the following email addresses:

Nursery: Mrs Wheeler

Reception: Mrs Brown:

Year 1: Miss Reece

Year 2: Miss Allison

Year 3: Mr Buckley

Year 4: Mrs Harris 

or Mrs Warrillow:


This document lists all of the spellings covered in the National Curriculum, please access the year group for your child if you would like to practise spelling.

Reading Eggs

Each child is set a pathway of lessons to complete to support reading progress. There are also hundreds of books and a variety of games to enjoy. 

Maths resources at White Rose are fantastic and you can access free lessons here for all ages.


Here are some idea  to keep your voices in tune and your hearts happy! We love to sing at Manor Hill!