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Should you require a paper copy of any school policies, please contact the office team who will be happy to provide them for you.

Policy Documents
MHFS Covid 19 Safeguarding Policy addendum Jan 2021
Covid 19 safeguarding policy Update MHFS June 2020
Manor Hill Covid 19 safeguarding policy March 2020
MHFS Staffs Safeguarding Policy Sept 2019
Asthma Policy
Attendance Policy Sept 2019
CLPT Appraisal Policy 2020
Children Who Cannot attend due to Health Needs Policy 2020
Attendance Policy Sept 2019
Anti Bullying Policy
MHFS Behaviour-policy-amendment-may-2020
Calculation Policy
Charges and Remissions Policy
Complaints 20-21
CLPT Data Protection Policy
Discipline Policy.Aut 2020
Early-Reading Policy
MHFS EYFS Policy 2020
Digital Safeguarding Policy
Grievance Policy.Autumn 2020
Attendance Policy Sept 2019
Attendance Policy Sept 2019
First Aid Policy 2020
Exclusion Policy
Department of educationguidance on exclusions
Remote learning Policy 2020
Behaviour Policy 2020/21
SEND Information Report October 2020
MHFS SEND Policy 2020 2021
Menopause Support Policy Autumn 2020
Privacy Notice 2020
Performance Improvement Policy 2020
Health and Safety Policy Dec 2020
Rsk Management Policy 19/20
Local Offer for SEND in Staffordshire
Teaching and Learning Policy 2018
Recruitment of Ex-offenders 20-21
Equality Duty and Accessibility Plan 19/20/21
MHFS Equality objectives 2020-2022
Nut free Policy 2019
Equal Opportunities Policy
Whistleblowing Policy 2020
CLPT Whole School Pay Policy 20-21
Staff Code of Conduct September 2020
Local Authority Designated Officer
Safer Recruitment 20-21
CLPT Trustee Expenses Policy 2020-21
CLPT Staff Travel and Subsistence 2020-21