Curriculum Intent

At Manor Hill we have written our bespoke curriculum to meet the needs of our vibrant and inquisitive pupils. Based around our core values of CollaborationCreativityResilience and Exploration we have designed engaging and thematic units that bring learning to life.

We value experiences for pupils and believe that experiential learning is meaningful and therefore more likely to remain with our pupils.  To this end we incorporate as  many trips, practical activities and visitors into our learning as possible. Each unit begins with a WOW! in order to engage pupils immediately in their learning and following this we immerse pupils in a knowledge and skills rich programme of learning based on what they know and would like to learn more about.

Our curriculum has been carefully designed in order that it is cohesive and purposeful throughout the school. We have used concepts to link topics together and, to ensure that pupils have the opportunity to revisit and build upon prior knowledge we have created a thread of inquiry which features guided questions to promote factual knowledge, conceptual thinking and debate.

Oracy is at the heart of all of our learning as we believe that enhancing vocabulary and the ability to articulate learning and opinion is vital for success throughout school and beyond. Vocabulary is explicitly taught and pupils are provided with a tiered system to support them in their word choices.

History at Manor Hill provides a rich journey throughout ancient and modern history with specific attention being paid to the children’s understanding of the chronology, significance and impact of the periods and events studied. To make History meaningful we look at each time period through the lived experience of a child at that time and make observations and comparisons to our own lives today.

Geography at Manor Hill always begins with a world wide view and a ‘zoom’  in to the continent or country of study. We aim to ensure that pupils have a world wide understanding and a deep locational knowledge of the different elements of their place of study and its significance on a global scale.

Design and Technology at Manor Hill takes a purposeful approach. We endeavor to equip pupils with the skills and knowledge they need to design products for a specific purpose or audience to build their design, creation and evaluation skills throughout their school career. 

Art at Manor Hill is a progressive curriculum which seeks to expose pupils to a rich and varied diet of existing art, to provide them with knowledge of the impact and purpose of art and to equip with the skills to create art in a variety of media. We provide children with sketch books in order that they build up a portfolio of work and are able to reflect on their own progress as artists throughout their school life.

Music at Manor Hill is an integral part of our learning experience and all pupils have regular and sustained opportunities to appreciate, create and perform music from a range of genres. We encourage children to reflect on their progress as musicians and have many opportunities for them to share their love of music with families and friends.

Religious Education at Manor Hill is taught using the Staffordshire  Agreed RE Syllabus.

Relationships Education at Manor Hill aims put in place the building blocks needed for positive and safe relationships of all kinds. This will start with family and friends, how to treat each other with kindness, and recognising the difference between online and offline friendships.

Computing at Manor Hill is delivered using the BGFL365 Primary Scheme of work. All pupils have personalised logins to access a comprehensive online platform of applications to support their progress towards the National Curriculum outcomes.

Physical Education at Manor Hill comprises of regular sessions with trained PE Coaches covering a broad range of activities. We believe that being active aids physical and mental health and we endeavor to promote this to our pupils through a rich curriculum and enrichment offer for PE, including swimming for KS2, before and after school clubs and competitive games opportunities. 

Curriculum Implementation

The Manor Hill Experience

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