At Manor Hill First School, we offer comprehensive Phonics teaching from the beginning of your child’s journey with us. Our programme is based on the ‘Letters and Sounds’ programme and delivered by an expert teaching team, who maximise learning opportunities via discrete taught sessions and follow up opportunities. 

High quality resources including a wide range of games, songs, activities, picture books, traditional tales, nursery rhymes and phonetically matched Dandelion texts are available, as well as access to additional texts to enhance curriculum based learning.

Our Curriculum Topics are all text based, placing reading at the heart of everything we teach. Alongside this approach, we provide a range of texts to enrich and support knowledge and understanding. 

Starting in Year 1, children have a copy of a ‘Class Reader’ text, which supports their learning and the reading of this is guided by the teacher in enjoyable shared sessions. Our strong links with the Library Service enable us to regularly update and provide additional resources to complement our areas of study, ensure a rich variety of relevant books for children to freely access within their class libraries.

Guided reading sessions, one to one reading sessions, peer reading sessions, and daily ERIC time (Everybody Reading in Class) are provided in addition to explicit comprehension teaching in Key Stage 1 and 2, which support your child’s reading journey.

We have a designated whole school library area that is reimagined and decorated every year by our pupils. In our extensive grounds, you will also find plenty of spaces to enjoy reading, with the love of reading promoted in all areas of the school. 

We know that developing a love of reading is an essential part of reading success; therefore, we encourage children to take home ‘child choice books’ as well as their book banded text. 

We hold annual ‘Big Book Swaps’, celebrate World Book Day and provide access to Performing Arts opportunities, such as theatre trips and visiting performances, to show play scripts being bought to life.  

There is a specific budget allocation for reading resources and fundraising opportunities are also targeting and enriching our reading offer as much as possible. of the school budget specifically to reading resources. 

At 3 points during the year, we aim to present each child with a book of their own to grow their love of reading and enhance their reading resources at home.

We are a Dyslexia Friendly School and have a robust catch up programme in place, to support your child if required. We have access to a wide range of assessments and resources to support your child’s individual needs to ensure they reach their potential.

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